Psychic/Intuitive Classes with Christine

Psychic/Intuitive Class

I have been a medium since a very early age. I have made it my mission to be trained by some of the best teachers/mediums in the world. I had my own personal teacher as a child and then as an adult I was trained by, Lisa Williams, John Holland, Janet Nohavic and other professionals
 whose work I respect.  I have been asked to teach for some time, and now that I have opened the center I have a place to make this happen. So here we go!! 


To be psychic or intuitive is a natural process, but first you will need to know exactly how it works and how to access your abilities. We are ALL born psychic, it's a matter of whether or not we use it. I'm going to teach you how to appreciate what Psychic truly means as opposed to just being “intuitively aware”. I will show you the fundamental difference between Clairvoyance
, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience, with some practical group exercises to demonstrate the differences. We will also identify which ability is naturally the strongest for you and teach you what you need to do to develop it further. (We will work with all 5 Clairs).

You will learn how to work with your Chakras (energy centers) correspond to the endocrine glands of the body and run up along the spinal cord, as an integral part of our life force. In this session, you will learn how to interpret the main 7 Chakras and read the signals, and use the Chakras to aid your psychic development. 

Your Aura is the blaze of color that surrounds the body and can be seen using your clairvoyant vision. In this session, you’ll learn a number of valuable techniques that will help you to:
Sense and see auras in both people and objects.
Interpret auric colors and the corresponding emotional state.
Read an aura (a record keeper of thoughts).
Open and expand your own aura.
Use your aura for psychic protection.

You will receive a deck of my Tarot Cards "Oracle of the Nile", and I will teach you how to use them to give your clients a reading that will help them gain direction and clarity in their lives. I will teach you how to produce your own deck of Tarot/Oracle cards, from start to finish!

Essential safety techniques and psychic etiquette.
Psychometry – how to receive impressions from objects.
Dreams, the language of Spirit, how to read symbols and images.
Reading for yourself and others, including group exercises.
Reaching beyond the five senses in preparation for those wishing to take their psychic development to the next level.

We will be doing LOTS of group excercises. I want you all to get as much experience as possible. 

In the final class we will talk about how to market yourself! How to get clients and build your client base.

When you finish this course you will receive a certificate shows that you completed all 16 hours of training. If you miss a class you must make it up BEFORE you receive your certificate. 

If you want to take the mediumship class with me, you MUST take and pass this class before you can take the mediumship course. This class provides the foundation for the mediumship course.

I will be limiting the amount of students in this class so please do not wait to sign up. 

The cost of the class is $360 (payment arrangements can be made) please get in touch with me.
Phone:    518-915-9119 

Class dates are as follows:
March 29th
April 5th
APril 12th
April 19th
April 26th
May 3rd
May 10th
May 17th

​Class will be from 6:30-8:30

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