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Terry - Health &
Wellness FREE Seminar 2-3pm

Intro to Young Living
Oils with Heather

Mediumship Message
Circle with Intuitive
Medium Christine 

Terry - Healing the body the natural way FREE Seminar

Saturday Pendulum
Dowsing With Brenda 

Mediumship Message
Circle with Intuitive
Medium Christine 

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February 25th

$20 per person​​

Since the age of two Christine has been communicating with the other side. Come to Christine's Mediumship circle and experience her compassion as she connects you with your loved ones on the other side. This experience will be unforgettable. We start promptly at 7pm, please show up 15 minutes early. The doors will be locked at 7:05pm as the center is closed on Sundays.  Christine will connect as many individuals as she can depending on how many people attend. If you want a guaranteed seat please purchase your ticket below. We cannot guarantee that if you wait there will be enough seating.

11, 25

Sunday Mediumship Circle
with Christine Seebold (2/25) THIS SUNDAY

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$45 per person​​​​

This is an ancient skill originally developed to find water, or minerals, or lost objects. In its modern form we can ask yes or no questions, we can assess and manage our health,and measure personal energy levels. Using a pendulum properly takes patience, practice and proper training. You can bring your own pendulum to class, or borrow one here for your training. Pendulums will also be available  for purchase.

(20 Students Maximum to assure attention to all students)


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Saturday Pendulum Dowsing
With Brenda Jenks (2/24)


Welcome to your health and wellness!! Dr. Terry Dhanjal-Garcha is going to be touching on these subjects in this FREE seminar: 

*Is anxiety killing you
*Over coming life's obstacles
*What is stress and how to overcome it
*Detoxifying the body

There will be giveaways at her seminars, and she will also be doing a LIVE footbath demonstration (an audience member will be chosen for the demo). 

Don't miss this FREE seminar! Please RSVP to (please let us know the date you would like to come and how many will be attending):  [email protected]

17, 20

Healing the Body the Natural Way
With Dr. Terry Dhanjal-Garcha 
​Tuesday February 20, 7-8pm

$80 per person for 1 hour private session​​​​

​Join Brenda this coming Saturday and experience a private past life regression session. Brenda will start at 10am, and this is by appointment only.  After you purchase your session, please call Christine to schedule your appointment! 518-915-9119


Sunday Past Life Regression
With Brenda Jenks (One-on-one Sessions) (2/11)

FREE Intro Class

Maybe you have heard about essential oils but you don't know anything abut them. Would you like to learn how to use them and when to use them? Maybe you have seen them on social media or on the news. If any of this sounds right, then this gathering is for you!

This is a hands on class. Please bring an open mind. Your senses will be on a journey. Bring a notebook, pen and some water for yourself. Dress Comfy. Family friendly. Class starts promptly at 6:30pm.


Friday - Intro To Young Living Oils
with Heather Henderson