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Saturday June 1st
two events!
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About the event:

David Young: A Portal Between Heaven and Earth meditation events. 3-5:30pm 

It is said that more people have had out of body experiences listening to his music than any musician alive today. 

Over 7,000 attendees at his 400+ events since 2014 have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, St Germain, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Moses, Krishna, an Archangel or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven. (This does not include the thousands of people who had past life experiences or have seen the Inner Light.)

Many call his music "the most heavenly, healing music on the planet" with over 20,000 healers and healing centers using his music every day.

David transforms the room with spiritual energy created by playing two Renaissance flutes at one time in harmony over his tracks.

He has sold over 1,000,000 CDs, has had 10,000,000 streams of his music and had two Grammy nominations.
The effect his Sound Healings have had on people is unparalleled.

The True Story of
Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena 7-9:30pm

Their Life, 
Their Love and 
Their Family
This 2.5 hour presentation includes:
•David explaining what actually happened 2,000 years ago based on three years of evidential orchestrated synchronicities THEY set up that connect with what people have experienced at his 420 'Portal Between Heaven and Earth' events that align with historical facts about the Virgin Birth being added to the Bible in 381 and the cave of Mary Magdalena in southern France.
•David sings, A Rose Still Grows in the Desert, a channeled song written with Mary Magdalena
• a 15:00 Soul Ascension Flute Meditation

While David was sharing this information at Unity of Sedona, an attendee raised her hand three times to share that their Mary Magdalena
Discussion / Channeling group received the same information about the Roman soldier who took him down from the cross after six hours and helped him and Mary Magdalena escape three days later while he was in a coma.

Everyone knows that Jesus was Jewish and his real name is Yeshua but most people don't know that he was a rabbi- and to become a rabbi you must first have a wife and children. 

"After returning from the cave of Mary Magdalena in the south of France where They actually lived together, the first place I shared this information was at the world famous Spiritualist Church in Casadega Florida. The pastors wife told me, "My husband has been the pastor here for 45 years and I've seen every famous spiritual speaker come through and this was absolutely the best presentation I've ever heard."

"I was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that this is what actually happened. It's Undeniable!"

David recommends that attendees research the article on  SmithsonianMag.org titled, "Unearthing the Life of Jesus."


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