March Calendar of Events

This is where all events will be listed this includes classes, seminars, training etc. Please check back often, we will continue to add events on a daily basis.

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Bone Readings with
Zelda 11-4:30pm

Aura Drawing With 
Brenda. 2-4pm

Inner Child - Zelda

Past Life Regression with Brenda 10-4
Gemstone Wrapping
Class - Deb

Mediumship Circle with
Christine. 7-9pm

Grand Opening
Christine's Psychic/Intuitive Class begins

Crystal Bowl Meditation Zelda

Mediumship Circle with
Christine. 7-9pm

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$20 per person​​

Since the age of two Christine has been communicating with the other side. Come to Christine's Mediumship circle and experience her compassion as she connects you with your loved ones on the other side. This experience will be unforgettable. We start promptly at 7pm, please show up 15 minutes early. The doors will be locked at 7:05pm as the center is closed on Sundays.  Christine will connect as many individuals as she can depending on how many people attend. If you want a guaranteed seat please purchase your ticket below. We cannot guarantee that if you wait there will be enough seating.

11, 25

Sunday Mediumship Circle
with Christine Seebold (3/11 or 3/25)

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Intuitive/ Psychic Classes with Christine

Class dates are as follows:
March 29th
April 5th
APril 12th
April 19th
April 26th
May 3rd
May 10th

May 17th

​Class will be from 6:30-8:30pm on Thursdays

​This is an 8 week 16 hour course

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Beginner Mediumship
Course with Christine

Details Coming Soon

Advanced Mediumship Course
with Christine

Details Coming Soon

How I can Support You and your inner child!

If your looking to make some positive changes in your life then this class is for you!

In this workshop, we will go from the head to the heart to the hands and be able to learn to communicate with the Inner Child and draw out any type of confusion that we have as an adult.  We pick up our negative thoughts and patterns at a very young age; in our adolescence we tend to play with the negative patterns that work for us.  As adults, we take those patterns and we continue using them throughout our lives.  Then we have a time in our lives that we just know that things aren’t working for us and we look for ideas, thoughts, some sort of ways of healing-- into remembering who we really are. 

In this class, I will share with you different techniques on how to tap into the inner child and gain a greater understanding of why we do what we do to get attention in some way.  If you can get out of your head into your heart and create from your hands you’ll be able to gain a greater understanding of how energy works through you from a higher vibration, of how you can connect and heal your inner child. At the end you will be learning to connect through your heart and understand what your inner child needs to express through journaling, creating and meditating.  You’ll begin communicating what your needs are in truth and possibly be able to share with people your honesty in a good way instead of being angry.

What are the behaviors that we do to be recognized or to be heard? What are the stories that were put upon us—of judgment, fear, limitation or separation? What are the parts of you that want to be seen or to be heard through these different patterns?  When we see, we become a witness and now have the wisdom to choose whether or not to continue to be a victim or not!

It’s time to turn procrastination into creation and birth your inspiration!


Zelda Presents:
​Your Inner Child
March 11th

"It's time to take a deep dive into who you really are. You'll laugh and you will cry and you will leave better than you arrived".


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$45 per person​​​​

We all have an auric field surrounding our physical body. That field contains colors and energy patterns that can be interpreted. You will learn how to "see" auras and draw them using pastels. You will also learn the meanings of the colors. No artistic ability is required and it is lots of fun!

(20 Students Maximum to assure attention to all students)


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Aura Drawing and Interpretation Class
With Brenda Jenks Saturday (3/10)

Watch as Zelda explains a bone reading.


By throwing the different animal bones, trinkets, shells and coins in a circle it will show you the past and present. It also shows you where you are caught up in life. I will shed light on these moments to change your perspective in a positive way.

Bone Readings 
With Zelda (Saturday 3/3)

$60 Private 30 Minute Reading

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Zelda will be guiding a meditation using sound vibration and the breath with crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles and rain sticks. This encourages one to journey within the self to take responsibility of your own self healing. By allowing the body to take note on where your stress is in your life and releasing the energy. ​​




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Crystal Bowl Meditation 
With Zelda
​Saturday March 28, 6-7:30pm 

This sold out last month!

$85 per person for 1 hour private session​​​​

​Join Brenda this coming Saturday and experience a private past life regression session. Brenda will start at 10am, and this is by appointment only.  After you purchase your session, please call Christine to schedule your appointment! 518-915-9119


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Sunday Past Life Regression
With Brenda Jenks (One-on-one Sessions) (3/11)



Gemstones enhance psychic abilities, promote healing and grounding, and aid with love and happiness. For example, wearing a rose quartz gemstone close to your heart charka will provide the most benefit. 
Join our class to wrap your gemstone of choice, while learning more about the properties of each. 
Each attendee will personally select their gemstone, learn how to wrap it and leave with a beautifully created pendant. 
 All supplies are included in the price of the class; each participant will need to bring a pair of round tip needle nose jewelry pliers.


Make your own crystal wrap necklace
with Deb
​2:00-4pm -Saturday 3/17

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Come to our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on March 24th!! We will have readings, massage, jewelry, essential oil massage, reiki, aura drawings and more!! You don't want to miss this event!!