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Below is a list of all of our wonderful staff members that are here to help you! Everyone is certiified and highly educated in their area of expertise! I am dedicated to bringing you the best teachers to help you on your soul journey!

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Christine Seebold  - Owner of Astral Journeys Center

As a child my Grandmother used to tell me that I would spend my life using my mediumship/psychic abilites to help others. I would always tell her "nope", she would say, "ok" with the laugh that followed. Well she was right as ALWAYS. This year I was very pleased to open "Astral Journeys Center".  I am committed to bringing the BEST classes and instructors to the Capital District so that you can expand your horizons. 
As a lifelong medium with genuine psychic abilities, I have been speaking with people who have crossed over since I was 2 years old. I was too young to know that what I could do is something special that only a select few individuals are capable of doing. To me it all seemed natural because my abilities were revealed to me at such an early age.

As I grew up, I began using my gift to help people find answers to important life questions they need guidance and direction with. As the genuine psychic medium Albany NY folks trust, I am committed to providing the closure, direction, and guidance people need to move forward with their life in a more positive light.

Christine has trained with Lisa Williams, John Holland and Janet Nohavec. As a medium you should always be learning and surround yourself with the best teachers possible.

Last year I came out with my own tarot deck, Oracle of the Nile. You can go here to order the deck and see a free class:​  You can also visit my website here: 

I look forward to seeing you at my Center where we are committed to YOU. 
- Christine 

Christine and Lisa Williams
" As a medium you should always continue to
​develope your gift, training with Lisa was one of the 
​highlights of my life".

You have heard her on these stations: 

Toni Craft
 Owns the Store At Astral Journeys

My name is Toni Craft. I always describe myself as a late bloomer..found my path later in life. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.  Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that channels "universal life energy" through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself and can be sent to others for their well being.  I have been practicing Reiki on both humans and pets for about 10 years. I lean towards a more Shamanic approach with my Reiki by incorporating rattles, crystals and essential oils into sessions. Stress or emotions and past trauma or struggles can cause energy blockages in the present time so my goal is to have people or animals have emotional releases and heal on different levels.

My passion is crystals, I love love love them! . Crystals come in many shapes and sizes and have countless uses. I love to teach clients how to use crystals to promote healing and to help in manifesting their desires.
Everyone should have crystals in their life and I hope to do that with the Astral Journeys Shop! There is something for any age, any price range.

Classes offered:

- Usui Reiki Classes of all levels. Plus monthly Reiki Shares
- Crystal classes from Crystal 101 to Grids for your home and/or   business
- Young Living Essential Oils, Learn to  incorporate them into     your family, life, pets, cleaning and make up.  Make n’ Take   workshops
- Fairy House & Garden Workshops

Dr. Satwinder Dhanjal-Garcha (Terry)

Dr. Satwinder Dhanjal-Garcha (Terry)
Dr. Dhanjal-Garcha, RTR,RDMS,D.C., CBCP has 20+ years in chiropractic and radiology. Her compassion to health care started when looking for answers for sickness and illness. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2002. She has extensive experience in working both in Canada and United States at various clinics and hospitals. She has been in private practice since 2004. Currently, she is the owner of Family Chiropractic & Wellness in Clifton Park, NY. She incorporates many healing tools in her clinic such as B.E.S.T. technique, adjustor, precussor,emotional & Body code, electric stem, cold laser therapy, color glass therapy, tuning forks, and nutrition. Her commission to serve God by serving others through the gift of chiropractic.

Zelda Hotaling

Zelda Hotaling is raised in the Native American Traditions of the Mohawk people, The Haudenosaunee. Her family is from the Kahnawaka Reservation in Canada and she began receiving her teachings as a child with the Elders and building her relationship with Creator.

Zelda holds the Sacred Dream Circle project "SHIFTS HAPPEN". She uses Crystal Bowls, Drums and Rattles to promote healing through sound vibrations. Her gifts are Clairvoyance's and Spirit Guide Healing work.  Her dream and vision is being part of the amazing energy shift Mother Earth has manifested!
Calling to all who are yearning to learn respect, responsibility, love, kindness, fairness, honesty, sharing, and spirituality. Only by keeping to this path can we meet our responsibilities to ourselves and one another.

Zelda offers many modalities for healing and transformation through:
* Private or Group Spirit Guided Healing sessions
* Throwing the Bones Sessions
*Crystal Bowl Drumming Meditation
* Developing your Intuition Classes
* Making your own Drum, Rattles, and Mask Workshops

I can speak from experience that sitting down with Zelda is an amazing experience. Zelda has a way of making you face what is at the inner core of your problems. Spend a few hours with her and you will walk away a changed person with a new outlook on life. If you have a chance to take one of her live courses do not miss out on it.  - Christine 

Amy Lolik

As a spiritual intuitive who specializes in past life regressions;  I have been studying and practicing psychic development for over 25 years and working in the psychic realm since 2007. I am a graduate of the Holistic Studies Institute with Certification as a Psychic-Medium (1998). Although there are many modalities of spiritual work, past life regression has been the most profound in both healing and transformation, for me in my personal journey . Thus motivating me to train and specialize in regression therapy. 
My life passion became a path to encourage others to realize the gift of understanding that their soul has waiting for them. By interpreting the mysteries and challenges of this life through the lens of alternate lifetimes, we begin to piece together common themes of our souls journey with new thought and clarity. A new freshly gained perspective encourages healing on a deep level since it is downloaded directly from each souls own immortal essence. 
 A typical session is 60 to 90 minutes. Clients are verbally guided into a relaxed hypnotic state while still fully aware of their surroundings. 

Amy is our new past life regressionist

Lisa Miccio

October 14th 2016 changed Lisa's life. Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lisa was working as an LPN for 35 years and knew the challenge that was now facing her. She also knew that she had to find answers for herself for better health and wellness, and she knew that it would not come from medicine. She started on a quest! Lisa made changes in the way of eating, going organic, watching sugar intake dairy and she started using essential oils. Lisa performs "aroma touch therapy" Lisa's schedule will be up shortly and you will be abe to schedule an appointment with her for this wonderful treatment that she performs.

Debra Mainville

Deb Mainville, former NYS employee of 38 years, retired in 2014. She raised two children while employed full time, and  completing a bachelor s degree.    

She was interested in pursuing her creative side after decades in a finance position. Initially jewelry creation was a hobby, in 2013 she established "Holistic JEM Therapy" as a private business logo. For the past 5 years she s been creating various jewelry pieces, specializing in gemstone wrap pendants. Her knowledge of the gemstone properties enhances the use of gemstones in her creations. Her pieces can also be found at Astral Journey Center s psychic room for sale.

Deb is eager to share her knowledge and expertise! 

Please join us in welcoming her to our team!!

Heather Henderson

Heather Henderson successfully ran a very busy mobile dog grooming business in the area for almost 15 years. Alernative/natural care for her dogs was always a priority for her. She had 3 pugs, cholocate lab and a cat at the time.

One day, she met a couple that had information that opened up a whole new world for her. The information she was hearing was something that she had been looking for. She was excited to dive deeper into the information.

Today over 7 years later, she is the one teaching the essential oil classes and helping others find the health and freedom that helped her change her life and the life of her Furkids back in 2010. 

She has attended many on hands training classes including:
Healing Touch for Animals Level 1
Clinical Aromatherapy with ISHA levels 1,2,3 (I am not a certified Practitioner)
Many Young Living live events & hands on topics like Animals, Beauty school and convention
Teaches MANY topics on wellness and most involve Young LIving Essential Oil Products

Heather's classes are always full of information and will give you the confidence to use your Young Living Essential Oils in your home.  Forming a community of wellness advocates is her goal. Providing you with tools  to make informed decisions is her #1 priority.

Maria Sunukjian

Maria is a teacher of Divine Soul Songs and spiritual practices based on Buddhist and Taoist teachings and the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha.  She is also a healer.  She has taught classes on meditation, soul songs and mantra, opening spiritual channels, self healing and healing others, creating financial abundance, karma and self-clearing karma and others.

Maria has led a life of service to individuals and communities.  As a licensed clinical social worker for 35 years  she has worked with many individuals and groups of people in need including abused and neglected children and their families, drug and alcohol addicted youth and adults, the mentally ill, the homeless, developmentally disabled children and their families, and  veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.  As a leader in her community she developed model programs to serve youth and adults in various settings including residential and outpatient services.  Maria currently works part-time in a traditional private psychotherapy practice. 

Maria has been an advanced student and disciple of Dr.  and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  Master Sha is a world renowned acupuncturist, author and teacher of advanced spiritual practices.  He is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, chi kung, feng shui and the I Ching.

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